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HDRmaster toolset: Includes HDRmaster 8K as well as a series of HDR related plug-ins for video editing (NLE) and color grading.

New release: HDRmaster 8K with HDR inspector and dynamic metadata

Munich, December 4, 2018 – FF Pictures launches HDRmaster 8K, a new standalone software toolset for Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 with several innovative features for performing quality analysis and essential metadata tasks in HDR productions with up to 8K (7680×4320 pixels) resolution. HDRmaster 8K is the successor of HDRmaster v2 which is already in use by Ultra-HD Blu-ray facilities, post-production houses, studios and manufacturers worldwide. Why this HDR Tool Set is needed To deliver the highest possible quality to the HDR consumer device, proper management of metadata and signal levels is essential. Mismanagement not only leads to compromised images but also decreases encoding efficiency, causing wasted bandwidth and unnecessary compression artifacts. “It is quite easy for mastered and distributed HDR content to have improper or missing metadata,” noted Florian Friedrich, CEO of FF Pictures and key architect of HDRmaster 8K.  “There are only a few tools out there that […]

HDRmaster Toolset: Standalone Software and Plug-ins related to HDR video production and quality analysis.

HDRmaster Toolset (standalone software + plug-ins)

  HDRmaster Toolset This collection of products contains Standalone Windows Software and HDR-related plug-ins (for DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects). It includes the following products: HDRmaster 8K (64-Bit Windows application) HDRmaster v2 (32-Bit Windows application) HDR Chromaticity Diagram Plug-in HDR Color Analyzer Plug-in HDR Heatmap Plug-in HDR Histogram Plug-in HDR Limiter Plug-in HDR Oscilloscope Plug-in HDR SDR Mapping Plug-in HDR Statistics Plug-in HDR Test Pattern Q/C Plug-in  


HDR & Bildqualität

Wir sind Experten für Bildqualität: von der Aufnahme mit der Kamera innerhalb von Werbe- oder Filmproduktionen über die (HDR-) Postproduktion bis zum Encoding und dem Authoring von (Ultra HD) Blu-ray decken wir alles ab. Beratend, in Form von Seminaren oder als Dienstleister zur Umsetzung kompletter Bild- und Videoproduktionen. Einigen namhaften Firmen weltweit helfen wir bei der Optimierung ihrer Workflows und Geräte.   Kontakt

Software Products

Software Products

FF Pictures offers various software products for immediate download after purchase. The list below includes standalone software as well as plug-ins for DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Most of the products are related to High Dynamic Range video production workflows, enabling colorists, editors, content providers, studios, manufacturers and other experts to analyze HDR video materials. Identifying problems and adding static or dynamic metadata works best with the HDRmaster 8K software (64-Bit, Windows), while the HDR related plugins will help you solve issues. With HDRmaster Toolset, you’ll get all of our HDR tools for one very attractive price. FF Pictures is an official adopter (content and tool provider) of the HDR 10+ Technology. You may find us listed here.    


Test Pattern Q/C plug-in for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

We are currently preparing to finish and release this plugin, please come back later…


HDRmaster 2 (standalone HDR mastering & analysis tool for windows)

This is the official page for HDRmaster version 2 Software, which can be purchased as a single product or as part of an annual subscription in HDRmaster Toolset. Following this paragraph, you’ll find a collection of tutorial videos for the software.   Analyzing MaxCLL and MaxFALL HDRmaster can analyze MaxCLL and MaxFALL values for existing video files, and file sequences. This process can be used for Quality Control of HDR productions or simply to find meaningful values for the metadata to be added.

HDR Chromaticity Diagram Plugin for Dvinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Adobe  After Effects.

Chromaticity Diagram Plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

  With this plugin, you’re adding a the ability to monitor using a CIE diagram to your productions. It covers BT.2020, DCI-P3, BT.709 and Adobe RGB. The diagram will help you to see how much of the color gamut you’re using and if you’re exceeding the legal colors of the specified gamut. Working with the BT.2020 container in particular, it’s important to manage necessary limitations and see if you’re using legal colors or not. The plug-in will show you the xy or u’v‘ coordinates of the pixels in your video! Controls: Preset Section In this section, you’re able to save and open presets for the appearance and calculation basis of this plug-in. Several presets are delivered with the installation of the plug-in. Controls: Area Selection If you want to apply the chromaticity analysis to a specific section of the frame instead of analyzing the whole frame, you’re able to do so here. […]


HDR Limiter Plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

When it comes to HDR for consumer electronics, video editors as well as colorists want to make sure that there’s no unnecessary information in the signal. The HDR limiter plugin checks (Q/C) for color coordinates outside the specified gamut as well as luminance levels above or below the limitations of the mastering environment. Once these limitations are exceeded, HDR limiter will either colorize these areas (so that you see where your signal clips) or simply restrict the values to the given limitations. For example: If you master your video to 1000 nits peak white and P3 gamut, why would you accept any signals outside these limits? Such signals might cause the viewer to see something you did not see while creating the content and they would add additional payload/stress to the encoder. We are currently preparing to finish and release this plugin, please come back later…


Color Functions Plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

We are currently preparing to finish an release this plugin, please come back later…

Plugins für Davinci Resolve,  Adobe Premiere und Adobe After Effects

Plugins für Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere und Adobe After Effects

Folgende Plugins von FF Pictures wurden bislang entwickelt und sind verfügbar: HDR Heatmap Die Falschfarben-Anzeige (False Color) gängiger Vorschaumonitore und Kameras ist ein gerne genutztes Feature, um die Belichtung zu kontrollieren. Das HDR Heatmap-Plugin für Resolve ermöglicht es, solche Falschfarben-Bilder mit Bezug auf die absoluten Helligkeitswerte an einem idealen Display zu erzeugen. So lassen sich beispielsweise bei HDR alle Highlights mit mehr als 1000 nit in rot markieren und alle Helligkeitsbereiche ab 800 nit in gelb. Auch für SDR (mit einstellbarem Gamma und einstellbarer Spitzenhelligkeit) oder prozentuale Signalpegel lässt sich das Plugin konfigurieren. Dank mitgelieferter Presets gelingt der Einstieg in das Plugin schnell, zusätzlich kann der Anwender auch eigene Voreinstellungen anlegen und beim nächsten Start der Software bequem über ein Pulldown-Menü aufrufen. Bis zu fünf Farben und Helligkeitswerte können eingestellt werden. Eine bei Bedarf zusätzlich ins Bild gerenderte Legende hilft bei der Interpretation. Wer will, kann die Heatmap auch nur […]