HDR Statistics plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

The Statistics Plugin for Davinci Resolve* is delivering frame statistic values, respecting different delivery standards such as BT.709 SDR or BT.2020 HDR. The luminance statistics can be based on the maximum Code Values of decoded R, G, B (similar to MaxCLL and MaxFALL) or using CIE Y (real luminance) values. SDR values can be influenced by setting a power function (gamma) and defining a peak brightness level. Explanation of Options Calculate Mode normalize (legal range): When this option is activated, the Statistics plugin for Davinci Resolve performs a normalization of legal range values. In other words, values of the legal range of video are expanded (0…1). This option is useful for situations where the Project settings require full range but you want to analyze what’s going on in the legal range of the signal. If switching to legal range causes values above the maximum (e.g. above 100% or 10000 nits), […]