HDR-Schnelltest Pro / HDR10+

The HDR Schnelltest is an HDR video test sequence that combines static test and adjustment elements with motion picture video. The motion picture video makes the pattern itself dynamic in order to avoid the usual handling of static images by TVs. Therefore, the usual dimming of static images by many TVs is avoided. Furthermore, the motion picture sequences are selected to show specific aspects of image quality in real motion picture instead of test patches only.

HDR Schnelltest Pro is available with custom motion picture backgrounds and test patches as well as in public versions on Youtube and for download.

Here’s the YouTube-version, fully functional with HDR10+ metadata:

Please be aware that youtube delivers SDR or HDR10 or HDR10+ based on your video client. It’s a nice test to see if HDR10 and HDR10+ with dynamic metadata passes through. You may see indications of HDR10+ in your Picture Mode GUI or as a short notification on your screen – it really depends on the device you’re using. If you see the colors and highlights clipped and you’re unable to do something against it, you’re most likely confronted with a SDR tone mapped version where the handshake between your video client and the server indicated that HDR is not available.
Also, there are resolution patches left to our logo – if you don’t see single horizontal and vertical lines in it, you’re most likely getting a lower resolution version of the pattern. Try to change the resolution manually by changing the settings using the gearwheel of your youtube client.

Download the full quality, free MP4-file

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