1 minute HDR10+ system test

The video clip this article is about is a free HDR10+ system test from FF Pictures for you to check the functionality of HDR10+ dynamic metadata with your display. If you ever wondered if your HDR10+ devices work correctly, just download the MP4-File and play it with your system.

HDR10+: Does it work?

Surprisingly, we receive this question quite often, even for feature films where we’ve color-graded an HDR10-version and added HDR10+ dynamic metadata. The beauty of dynamic metadata is that a proper implementation acts in the background, and you overlook its work while viewing a movie.
Also, if you have a TV with dynamic range capabilities close to what the mastering display could do, the effect might be relatively minor. That’s simply because aggressive tone mapping is not needed to keep image information.

That said, the image quality benefits of using entry-level HDR-TVs can be quite extraordinary. This potential quality benefit is why several manufacturers took the effort of standardizing dynamic metadata in SMPTE ST 2094.

We wanted to provide an easy method of testing the functionality of HDR10+ (ST 2094-40) for everyone by creating some extreme sets of metadata applied to the same looped video scene. The diagram below describes the production workflow and usage of the sequence.

HDR10+quick system test
Production workflow and description of the HDR10+ one minute quick system test.

Free MP4-file download

In order to download the HDR 10+ quick system test, simply click on the link below.


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