HDR-Schnelltest Pro / HDR10+

The HDR Schnelltest is an HDR video test sequence that combines static test and adjustment elements with motion picture video. The motion picture video makes the pattern itself dynamic in order to avoid the usual handling of static images by TVs. Therefore, the usual dimming of static images by many TVs is avoided. Furthermore, the motion picture sequences are selected to show specific aspects of image quality in real motion picture instead of test patches only. HDR Schnelltest Pro is available with custom motion picture backgrounds and test patches as well as in public versions on Youtube and for download. Here’s the YouTube-version, fully functional with HDR10+ metadata: Please be aware that youtube delivers SDR or HDR10 or HDR10+ based on your video client. It’s a nice test to see if HDR10 and HDR10+ with dynamic metadata passes through. You may see indications of HDR10+ in your Picture Mode GUI […]



we’ll provide an explanation for the FF Pictures HLG-Schnelltest here very soon.

8K resolution: Hype or benefit?

8K resolution: Hype or benefit?

by Florian Friedrich, last updated: November 15th, 2019 TV-Makers and camera manufacturers make us believe 8K is the next big thing. While more and more devices are launching, controversial discussions about the visibility of the resolution are going hand in hand with discussions about what is real 8K. This article covers the most important aspects of 8K as well as delivering some insights about 8K metrics, 8K productions and what the human eye can see. I’ve also put together also a separate article with frequently asked questions about 8K based on questions I received from attendees after my presentations.If you’re interested in getting some 8K materials for free download, please see my post about NASA 8K footage and sign up to my free 8K newsletter, which will also provide you free access to downloading more 8K clips such as a nice Dinner Clip (see Youtube-preview) making a good example for […]

8K resolution: Frequently Asked Questions

8K resolution: Frequently Asked Questions

by Florian Friedrich, November 11th, 2019 After my presentations about 8K in 2019 at various trade shows and events, I received questions from attendees. I’m sharing the most popular questions and answers about 8K here and might update this post from time to time. What is your personal opinion regarding the 8K resolution of 7.680 x 4320 pixels (33 MP) compared to the 4K resolution of 3860×2160 pixels (8 MP)? When it comes to comparing 4K against 8K, the biggest benefit I see is the disappearance of any kind of pixel structure. 33 Megapixels at normal viewing distances finally seem to be enough to avoid flickering details and jagged edges without compromising visible resolution. This matters for cameras and displays in the same way. What do you think about people who claim that there’s no benefit in 8K if you don’t sit extremely close (like less than one picture height […]

Super Anti Aliasing Plugin

Super Anti Aliasing Plugin

Super Anti Aliasing (improved algorithms from Anti Aliasing 2) by FF Pictures (Microsoft Windows only) is maybe the best anti-aliasing solution you can find anywhere… This plugin for Davinci Resolve (OFX), Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere has been built to remove jagged edges, flickering details and simply give your footage a more realistic look without any disturbing pixel structures. Proven to improve picture quality in several productions by our customers, this plugin really solves an issue that seemed hard to solve previously. Smooth edges without loosing details is what you’ll get. We’ve worked hard on optimizing the performance and making it easy to use. Super Anti Aliasing works for HDR and SDR sources, while Edges are automatically detected. Thresholds can be influenced and edges can be expanded according to your production needs. A preview of the area where the plugin changes pixel values helps to adjust all values. We […]


HDR warm-up videos

hier können Sie die HDR warm-up videos von FF Pictures für 10€ zum Download bestellen. Die HDR warm-up Videos sind für folgende Aufgaben geeignet: Einspielen des HDR-Fernehers oder HDR Projektors Erkennen von Pixeldefekten Erkennen von Einbrenneffekten Erkennen von Ungleichmäßigkeiten der Helligkeit oder Farbe im gesamten Bildbereich (beispielsweise Clouding oder Mura Effekt) Erkennen von Übertragungsfehlern (bei Kabeln, Repeatern, AV-Receivern und mehr) Durchführung langfristiger Belastungstests Folgende Testsequenzen sind im Download enthalten: Sequenzen mit vollflächigem Rot, Grün, Blau, Schwarz, Grau und Weiß (DCI-P3 Farben) Sequenzen mit vollflächigem Rot, Grün, Blau, Schwarz, Grau und Weiß (BT.2020 Farben) Bewegtes Zonenplattentestbild (variable Phase) Pixelrauschen (in verschiedene Richtungen bewegtes Bild mit zusälligem Rauschmuster und idealer Verteilung über den HDR-Helligkeitsbereich) Technische Details: Die Videos sind im HEVC-Format (H.265) mit 10Bit im BT.2020 Farbraum codiert, weisen die für HDR 10 erforderlichen Metadaten auf und werden nach dem Kauf im MP4-Format zum Download zur Verfügung gestellt. Die MP4-Dateien eignen sich […]

Alpa Platon Project: A rigged Hasselblad H6D 100c allowing to shoot extraordinary motion picture materials.

My Alpa Platon Experience

by Florian Friedrich, February 27th, 2019 The Alpa Platon project is dedicated to adding everything a filmmaker can dream of to a Hasselblad H6D-100c camera. But let’s start from the beginning… Have you heard about large sensor digital filmmaking yet? The usual sensor size in digital filmmaking is Super 35 (S35 ~25mmx13mm, depending on the camera and aspect ratio) and some cameras like Sony Venice (36mm x 24mm) started to use full frame or bigger sensors recently. A larger sensor in general means that you can capture more pixels of the same size or increase the size of pixels on the sensor. While both approaches have their specific advantages (resolution or noise level), the downside is that you need bigger lenses to fulfill the needs of a larger sensor. So, of course, the cost for appropriate lenses considering all the high-quality glass and optics can be tremendous and must be […]


HDR Schnelltest

The description for the HDR Schnelltest is currently in progress, please check in later.

QR Code Generator Plug-in for Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects (Windows Versions).

QR Code Generator Plug-in

With this plugin, you’re able able to insert QR Codes into your video production. This allows viewers to visit a specific website with more information, read an additional text, link to your social media profiles and much more –  you name it! Controls: Preset Section In this section, you’re able to save and open presets for this plug-in. You may store all your settings, including text color and position into one preset file. This allows you to maintain the same style across different projects. QR-Text Here you’re able to enter the text information of the QR Codes itself. This may be plain text or links or other functions. Examples: https://ff.de/qr-code-plugin  -> links to this page mailto:mail@outlook.com -> starts to create an email to mail@outlook.com of course, you can do other things as well: Send money to a PayPal or bitcoin address, trigger calender events, link to your Youtube channel, Instagram Profile or […]

8K-playback of the color graded HDR video on the Samsung Q900 (75 inch model). The bias light behind the TV is a Medialight Eclipse (D65 neutral white).

NASA 8K HDR video for free

by Florian Friedrich, last update: April 29th, 2019 When I saw that NASA shared some 8K footage ready to download on its website, I immediately thought I want to see this on a 8K TV!Seeing the ISS and earth in that kind of resolution seemed fascinating to me. Mission1: Download the file from NASA I do have access to a 75″ Q900 TV from Samsung which has the desired 8K resolution, so I downloaded the MP4-Video which was encoded to 709 SDR, MPEG level MAIN 6.2 with about 140 MBit/s. So there’s no HDR or Wide Color Gamut for 8K space material, really? I had put the file onto a USB Stick and plugged it into the TV which rejected to play it. Oh wow, the first 8K Video from NASA and the first 8K TV on the market don’t know each other? I immediately wanted to act as a […]