InnoPQ® HDRmaster & HDR Gamut Rings Davinci Resolve Plug-In

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🔥 Feature Spotlight: Gamut Rings 🔥

A game-changing innovation in HDR visualization. Discover the revolutionary tool, first presented at IBC 2023.

Gamut Rings HDR signal monitor, implemented in InnoPQ HDRmaster by FF Pictures
  • A Visualization Revolution: Decipher color with 10 layers of Lightness (L*) in a groundbreaking 2D diagram.
  • HDR at Your Fingertips: Seamlessly toggle HDR on and off, enriching your diagram’s capability.
  • Precision Meets Flexibility: Tailor your L* reference value, and switch between color spaces like DCI-P3 and BT.2020.
  • Tells you all you need to know about saturation and hue in different areas of lightness.
  • ITU standardized view into the CIELAB colorspace.
  • Added clipping indicators and HDR area.

In-Depth Features: Why InnoPQ® HDRmaster is the Comprehensive Tool You Need

HDRmaster isn’t just about color analytics; it’s a full suite of tools designed to tackle every challenge in video and display technology.


🌟 Comprehensive Analyzers & Features 🌟

  • Gamut Rings: Uncover revolutionary ways to monitor your HDR colors. Enhance your accuracy and interpretation with our game-changing approach.
  • HDR Inspector: Execute comprehensive metadata and signal level analysis in one click. Automated smart warnings simplify even the most complex tasks.
  • HDR10+: As a certified HDR10+ tool partner, we let you create and manipulate HDR10+ metadata seamlessly. An industry-proven solution.
  • Test Pattern QC: Guarantee workflow accuracy by analyzing multiple signal parameters. Comes with an uncompressed TIFF Test Stripe for comprehensive reporting.
  • MetaCLL: Achieve in-depth metadata and signal level statistics like MaxCLL, MaxFALL, and more. All results are compiled in an exportable CSV file.
  • Frame Statistics: Learn the intimate details of each video frame, from highlight levels to shadow details and Average Picture Level (APL).
  • Average: Identify hotspots in your content through spatial and temporal averaging, or utilize it for measurements.
  • Graph Viewer: Inspect an array of statistics, including PSNR-values, to effortlessly identify encoding errors.
  • Chromaticity Diagram: Visualize pixel data in a CIE Diagram. Confirm adherence to gamut standards like BT.709 or DCI-P3 effortlessly.
  • Color Analyzer: Use pinpoint cursor placement on a video frame to reveal critical luminance and chrominance values of a selected pixel.
  • HDR Histogram: View the luminance distribution of individual frames with adjustable range settings.
  • HDR Heatmap: Get a unique visual representation of luminance using selectable color schemes, akin to the ‘false color’ feature in production monitors.
  • Oscilloscope: An oscilloscope-like tool for your video frames, offering data that can be exported for further analysis.
InnoPQ® HDRmaster Program Window with Gamut Rings Diagram and HDR BT.2020 content

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Gamut Rings different?

A: Gamut Rings provides a unique approach to HDR visualization by dissecting color into 10 layers of Lightness (L*) in a 2D diagram.

Q: What are Gamut Rings and why are they revolutionary?

A: Gamut Rings are a novel innovation in HDR visualization that dissect color into 10 layers of Lightness (L*), providing unprecedented clarity and precision. This feature allows professionals to navigate complex HDR landscapes effortlessly.

Q: How does the HDR feature integrate with Gamut Rings?

A: HDR is not just an add-on but a seamlessly integrated feature in Gamut Rings. You can toggle HDR on and off to enrich your color diagram, extending its functionality and applications. The final implementation of HDR is not decided yet, but you’re able to define and look at the HDR area independently.

Q: Who benefits the most from using HDRmaster?

A: Designed with content creators, colorists, and HDR video Q/C professionals in mind, HDRmaster offers unparalleled analytical advantages for crucial applications like color grading and quality assurance. It’s one of the easiest solutions to add HDR10+ to existing HDR content as well.

Q: What is the ‘FF Pictures Advantage’?

A: FF Pictures is the first to implement Gamut Rings technology into a commercial product. It is a cornerstone in our extensive portfolio of analytical tools, designed to offer you a unique competitive edge. FF Pictures creates tools that are initially developed for our own use and brought to you after we are convinced they are useful for a bigger audience.

Q: How flexible is HDRmaster in terms of color space compatibility?

A: You can easily switch between color spaces like 709, DCI-P3 and BT.2020. This flexibility allows you to tailor your work environment to your specific needs and project requirements.

Q: For Gamut Rings signal analysis, are there any tools to help with quality control?

A: Absolutely. With features like ‘Clipping Indicators,’ you can immediately identify regions where color goes beyond acceptable levels, aiding immensely in quality assurance tasks.

Q: How does HDRmaster assist in metadata handling?

A: With our HDR Inspector and MetaCLL features, you get a one-click tool for comprehensive metadata and signal level analysis. It simplifies complex tasks and lets you manipulate HDR10+ metadata effortlessly.

Q: What does the HDR Inspector do?

A: HDR Inspector is your all-in-one solution for a full analysis of metadata and signal levels. It also provides smart warnings based on a detailed analysis of your files. It’s like having a personal assistant that simplifies complex HDR tasks for you. It may be executed as a CLI tool so it can be implemented into watchfolder applications.

Q: What can I achieve with the HDR10+ feature?

A: As a trusted HDR10+ tool partner, HDRmaster allows you to create, modify, and inject HDR10+ metadata into your existing HDR content. Some unique functions make our implementation very useful. For example, the content only needs to be analyzed once, even if you change the scenes later on. Scenes can be imported and exported using the .EDL format. HDRmaster’s HDR10+ is widely used in the industry and gives you a competitive edge in HDR10+ production.

Q: How does Test Pattern QC contribute to workflow?

A: Test Pattern QC ensures the accuracy of your HDR workflows by analyzing multiple signal parameters simultaneously. It provides a comprehensive pass/fail report and even includes an uncompressed TIFF Test Stripe to implement in your workflow.

Q: What does MetaCLL offer?

A: MetaCLL provides detailed metadata and signal level statistics, including values like MaxCLL and MaxFALL. Results are compiled into an exportable CSV file, making it easy to apply the statistics to individual video frames for fine-tuning.

Q: How detailed are Frame Statistics?

A: Our Frame Statistics feature provides in-depth statistical values for each video frame. This includes data on highlight levels, shadow details, and Average Picture Level (APL), while offering various additional options like changing the domain from MaxRGB to Y (luminance), offering a granular analysis of your video content.

Q: How does the Graph Viewer aid in identifying encoding errors?

A: The Graph Viewer lets you inspect a wide range of statistics, including PSNR-values, which are crucial for identifying encoding errors. Especially when doing 2-pass encodings, the differences in PSNR between the first pass and the second pass can tell you a lot about encoding issues. Search for peaks and inspect the video there. If precision and detail are what you seek, the Graph Viewer is your go-to tool.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Chromaticity Diagram?

A: The Chromaticity Diagram visualizes pixel data in a CIE Diagram (x,y or u’v’), allowing you to confirm whether your content adheres to gamut standards like BT.709 or DCI-P3. Unlike other CIE diagrams, you may have seen, it’s possible to adjust for minimum Luminance levels in order to ignore shadow noise. It’s like having a visual certification of color gamut for your content.

Q: What’s unique about the Color Analyzer?

A: The Color Analyzer allows you to pinpoint a cursor on any video frame to reveal essential luminance and chrominance values for that particular pixel. It’s essentially a magnifying glass for scrutinizing color data.

Q: What are the system requirements for InnoPQ® HDRmaster?

A: Let’s be honest, our cutting edge image analysis is processing intensive! We develop for Microsoft Windows and a Powerful CPU + GPU with a lot of memory and fast disc access is essential. If you work on Windows 11 with latest RTX drivers for your NVIDIA Graphics card installed and more than 16GB available, it should do the job.

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