8K resolution: Hype or benefit?

by Florian Friedrich, last updated: November 15th, 2019 TV-Makers and camera manufacturers make us believe 8K is the next big thing. While more and more devices are launching, controversial discussions about the visibility of the resolution are going hand in hand with discussions about what is real 8K. This article covers the most important aspects of 8K as well as delivering some insights about 8K metrics, 8K productions and what the human eye can see. I’ve also put together also a separate article with frequently asked questions about 8K based on questions I received from attendees after my presentations.If you’re interested in getting some 8K materials for free download, please see my post about NASA 8K footage and sign up to my free 8K newsletter, which will also provide you free access to downloading more 8K clips such as a nice Dinner Clip (see Youtube-preview) making a good example for […]