QR Code Generator Plug-in

With this plugin, you’re able able to insert QR Codes into your video production. This allows viewers to visit a specific website with more information, read an additional text, link to your social media profiles and much more –  you name it! Controls: Preset Section In this section, you’re able to save and open presets for this plug-in. You may store all your settings, including text color and position into one preset file. This allows you to maintain the same style across different projects. QR-Text Here you’re able to enter the text information of the QR Codes itself. This may be plain text or links or other functions. Examples: https://ff.de/qr-code-plugin  -> links to this page mailto:mail@outlook.com -> starts to create an email to mail@outlook.com of course, you can do other things as well: Send money to a PayPal or bitcoin address, trigger calender events, link to your Youtube channel, Instagram Profile or […]