Experience Next-Level Quality with Our HDR Remastering, HDR Color Grading, and HDR Video Encoding Services

People in their homecinema, experiencing stunning HDR Quality after HDR remastering / HDR colorgrading / HDR encoding

We specialize in crafting content in 4K or 8K UHD HDR (including HDR 10+), fully enhancing your visuals with cutting-edge technology.

Our HDR color grading and video encoding services are aimed at professional deliveries or for direct playback on HDR-equipped TVs and Ultra-HD Blu-ray. We have successfully encoded numerous UHD-BDs, even handling complex material like combinations of strong film grain and HDR, highly regarded by image enthusiasts in the market.

We offer Ultra HD Blu-ray creation, including dynamic metadata, using either our in-house authoring station (Indigo Ultra), or in conjunction with our very experienced external partners.

In our process, we adhere to standards like SMPTE ST.2084 and ST.2086, ITU BT.2020 (including color mapping for DCI/P3), and we utilize unique reference tools, some of which we’ve developed ourselves and are being used in studios worldwide. For more details, please visit our [webpage dedicated to HDR solutions].

For color grading, we utilize a reference monitor from Sony (Sony BVM HX-310), which we regularly calibrate ourselves. Additionally, we perform quality control on a variety of current TV sets featuring different screen technologies such as Quantum Dot LCD, QD OLED and RGBW OLED.

With over 30 successful HDR remasters of prestigious films for UHD-Blu Ray, we’ve built extensive expertise in optimizing cinema films and other content for home theaters. Our services include HDR remastering (HDR10+ or Dolby Vision), HDR color grading, encoding, and disc authoring, tailored for your production or as part of our own.

We proudly stand as a leading service provider in innovative formats like 4K/8K HDR. For years, we have been consistently harnessing and addressing the full potential of the best TVs on the market. Be it 8K HDR with 10 Bit HEVC for direct USB playback on your TV or even a UHD Blu-ray with dynamic metadata (HDR10+) – we efficiently and professionally implement demanding projects in collaboration with our partner network.

Do you want to transform your existing HDR production into a HDR10+ production with dynamic metadata? Trust our expertise. We utilize the best available tools supplemented with our in-house software solutions like HDRMaster 8K and specific plug-ins to facilitate this process for you. Comprehensive quality control on HDR10+ compatible devices and meticulous verification of exact cut-off points for dynamic scenes are obligatory for us.

Our color grading work is mostly done in Davinci Resolve, supplemented by our proprietary OFX plugins. For film restoration tasks, we rely on the Diamant-Film Restoration SUITE by HS-Art, using state-of-the-art techniques, including artificial intelligence, for identifying and fixing image defects. We’re also pioneering the application of artificial intelligence in required upscaling – we’re happy to integrate these innovative procedures at your request.

Count on our experience and expertise, and let us elevate your production to a new level. Get in touch with us today and let our experts guide you. Your satisfaction and an outstanding viewing experience are our promise and goal.

Our HDR Color Grading at FF Pictures

From HDR color grading, HDR remastering, film restoration, to encoding: FF Pictures offers an extensive portfolio in the realm of HDR post-production.

Here are references for a few films we have remastered / color-graded in HDR:

  • Benedetta
  • Triangle of Sadness
  • Law Abiding Citizen
  • Shadow in the Cloud

We’ve also created HDR versions for the following films, used either in Germany, Europe, or worldwide:

Aus der Mitte ein Fluss
Big Ugly
Blackout – Im Netz des Kartells
Born a Champion
Comedian Harmonists
Cosmic Sin
Die Bartholomäusnacht
Follow Me
Gretel & Hänsel
Lady Vengeance
Mein Freund Poly
Mord in Yellowstone City
Pfad der Vergeltung
Rogue Hunter
S.A.S. Red Notice
The Mortuary
The Outpost
The Sadness
WYRMWOOD Apocalypse
Yakuza Princess

Youtube Videos, showcasing before and after snippets of movies we worked on


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