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QR Code Generator Plug-in for Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects (Windows Versions).

QR Code Generator Plug-in

With this plugin, you’re able able to insert QR Codes into your video production. This allows viewers to visit a specific website with more information, read an additional text, link to your social media profiles and much more –  you name it! Controls: Preset Section In this section, you’re able to save and open presets for this plug-in. You may store all your settings, including text color and position into one preset file. This allows you to maintain the same style across different projects. QR-Text Here you’re able to enter the text information of the QR Codes itself. This may be plain text or links or other functions. Examples:  -> links to this page -> starts to create an email to of course, you can do other things as well: Send money to a PayPal or bitcoin address, trigger calender events, link to your Youtube channel, Instagram Profile or […]

HDR Chromaticity Diagram Plugin for Dvinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere and Adobe  After Effects.

Chromaticity Diagram Plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

  With this plugin, you’re adding a the ability to monitor using a CIE diagram to your productions. It covers BT.2020, DCI-P3, BT.709 and Adobe RGB. The diagram will help you to see how much of the color gamut you’re using and if you’re exceeding the legal colors of the specified gamut. Working with the BT.2020 container in particular, it’s important to manage necessary limitations and see if you’re using legal colors or not. The plug-in will show you the xy or u’v’ coordinates of the pixels in your video! Controls: Preset Section In this section, you’re able to save and open presets for the appearance and calculation basis of this plug-in. Several presets are delivered with the installation of the plug-in. Controls: Area Selection If you want to apply the chromaticity analysis to a specific section of the frame instead of analyzing the whole frame, you’re able to do so here. […]