Anti Aliasing Plugin

Anti Aliasing 2 by FF Pictures (Microsoft Windows only) is maybe the best anti-aliasing solution you can find anywhere…

This plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere has been built to remove jagged edges, flickering details and simply give your footage a more realistic look without any disturbing pixel structures.

Proven to improve picture quality in several productions by our customers, this plugin really solves an issue that seemed hard to solve previously. Smooth edges without loosing details is what you’ll get.

We’ve worked hard on optimizing the performance and making it easy to use. Anti Aliasing works for HDR and SDR sources, while Edges are automatically detected. Thresholds can be influenced and edges can be shown and expanded according to your production needs.

We suggest applying AA2 at the lowest source resolution, since upscaled Aliasing Artifacts are significantly harder to solve.

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