HDR Limiter Plugin for Davinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

When it comes to HDR for consumer electronics, video editors as well as colorists want to make sure that there’s no unnecessary information in the signal.
The HDR limiter plugin checks (Q/C) for color coordinates outside the specified gamut as well as luminance levels above or below the limitations of the mastering environment. Once these limitations are exceeded, HDR limiter will either colorize these areas (so that you see where your signal clips) or simply restrict the values to the given limitations.
For example: If you master your video to 1000 nits peak white and P3 gamut, why would you accept any signals outside these limits?
Such signals might cause the viewer to see something you did not see while creating the content and they would add additional payload/stress to the encoder.

We are currently preparing to finish and release this plugin, please come back later…


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